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Life Adjustment Problems: For people coping with normal life transitions or situations including singlehood, remarriage and stepfamily concerns, employment, gender identity, parent care and retirement issues.

Relationship Problems: For unmarried or married couples experiencing relationship problems, sexual difficulties, communication conflicts or pre-marital concerns.

Family Problems: For traditional or non-traditional family problems involving behavioral difficulties with young children, school related concerns, ADHD, adolescent problems, family violence, drug and alcohol abuse, eating disorders, separation and divorce concerns, depression or anxiety, and for help coping with stressful events such as illness, death or other loss.

Bedford Family Therapy is dedicated to treating the family system. Our goal is to help you develop healthier and more satisfying relationships with others as well as yourself. Clinicians specialize in family therapy, couples therapy, and individual psychotherapy. We are committed to a treatment approach in which growth and development are best understood and promoted within the context of family and community relationships. We recognize diversity in our society and embrace a cross-cultural approach in support of the worth, dignity, potential and uniqueness of each individual. Through the use of a collaborative approach, goals will be established, solutions will be generated, and problems will be solved. We will help you gain skills in order to better manage and solve problems more effectively in the future.

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